The Best-Dressed List of Hollywood Children Celebrities

It isn’t as if kids of Hollywood celebrities don’t already attract too much attention by just being children of their parents that they just have to get the attention of “fashion critics” for their individual sartorial styles.  Celebrity magazines provide a peek of the clothes they wear at their every outing in a very consistent manner that it would be hard not to notice.  Each child who is undoubtedly under the watchful eye of an equally fashion conscious parent, always comes out in style even in the simplest garb.

1,  Suri Cruise


This girl can probably get away with anything in terms of clothes.  She is very rarely seen in public looking like she never gave a thought to what she’s wearing.  Her fashion sense earned for her , her own set of paparazzi literally waiting at the family’s doorstep to get the first glimpse of her clothes.  She has recently been spotted in less “formal” attires but no less fashionable specifically when she is in the company of her mother Katie Holmes after her estrangement with Tom Cruise.

2.  Kingston Rossdale


Kingston definitely has his own style with a little help from his designer mom Gwen Stefani.  He has been spotted in the most outrageous and the most impeccable fashion display that it is always exciting to guess what he’ll come up with next.    He appears to be enjoying the freedom of being able to dress up the way he wants to.

3. Shiloh Jolie Pitt


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter seemed to have set her mind for now for a “tomboyish” look with results that are practical for her age.  Her outfits are as interesting as the other two child celebrities in this list.  These three may have different fashion sense from each other but they seem to make it work individually.


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