Fashion Icons of Hollywood

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Not everyone who makes a name in Hollywood will be afforded the privilege of being considered as icons.  With the great interest of the public with what celebrities wear, fashion has become part and parcel of Hollywood.  Some celebrities manage to end up as fashion icons who continue to wield their fashion influence long after they have left the limelight.

What makes a fashion icon?  A fashion icon must have established his or her own distinctive style that gets to be identified with him or her.  These icons are usually able to start a trend instead of following one.  Fashion icons are remembered in a good sense as opposed to fashion victims who are able to attract much attention but usually in a negative way.

Audrey Hepburn will always be remembered as the epitome of glamour both in the genre of Breakfast at Tiffany and her casual style of Capri pants and ballet shoes.  Grace Kelly, the Hollywood actress turned princess, will always be identified with her classic sophistication befitting her stature.  There is even a bag style named after her.

Marilyn Monroe has likewise inspired her own following for seductive dressing.  Greta Garbo made structured outfits and hats fitting for everyday use.  Marlene Dietrich was known for wearing men’s wear.

Male fashion icons in Hollywood are not wanting.  Heading the list is Rudolph Valentino who was best remembered wearing his signature gaucho pants and wristwatches.  Clark Gable epitomized sophisticated and gentlemanly wear.  Who could ever forget the fashion styles of Elvis Presley and James Dean, who took the art of dressing to its flashy and boy-next-door look, respectively to new levels?

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