It’s not always easy to have a baby and even big stars can suffer from infertility. The following celebrities have in the past all struggled with trying to conceive.


Celine Dion

Canadian singer Celine Dion has two children thanks to IVF.
In 2000, after six IVF attempts she gave birth to her son Rene-Charles. Ten years later in 2010 Céline and her husband Rene Angélil conceived their twin boys Nelson and Eddy thanks to in-vitro-fertilization.


The Oscar winning actress and star of Nanny McPhee’s daughter Gaia was conceived by IVF.
She has since tried again but the fertility treatment sadly failed.


Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon’s twins Moroccan and Monroe were conceived by IVF. Previously, Carey had suffered a high profile miscarriage.


Nicole Kidman has suffered from infertility for many years; she and Tom Cruise adopted because she was unable to conceive, Nicole and Keith Urban’s daughter Sunday Rose was an IVF baby; and their second child was born via a surrogate mother.


After struggling to conceive, and Courtney experiencing a number of  miscarriages. Courtney Cox and David Arquette’s daughter Coco was born in 2004, thanks to IVF. It s thought they did try for more children and it is believed the couple’s recent split was in part due to their struggles with infertility.


2014 Golden Globe winning actress Jane Seymour suffered two miscarriages and underwent two unsuccessful rounds of IVF before giving birth to her twin boys in 1995 at her third attempt.


Interestingly, no big male stars have come out and admitted to struggling with male infertility. A trawl of the internet looking for male infertility blogs shows that this is still very much a taboo subject, despite almost 50% of all problems with trying to comceive being due to problems with the man.

I’ve always wondered why Celine Dion only ever had one child with husband/ long-time manager Rene Angelil, but apparently it’s because of pregnancy difficulties. Now, at the age of 42, after six attempts at in-vitro fertilization and the use of acupuncture, she’s said to be pregnant with twins. Good luck to Celine, but given how skinny she is, I’m not sure how she’s going to handle being pregnant with twins.

So wait, what? Brad and Angelina are openly affectionate in public, albeit at a private beach party. So I guess rumors of their relationship’s demise were just that, rumors. (Then again, rumors of them splitting have happened before.) On the other hand, Naveen Andrews (Sayid Jarrah on Lost) and Barbara Hershey, who started her film and TV career before Andrews was born, have called it quits. Actually, they called it quits six months ago but news of the split only surfaced now. According to People, they’ve been together for most of the span of time since they met in 1998.

Gary Coleman’s “heartbroken” parents want answers about his death? Um, aren’t these the same parents, along with his business manager, that Coleman sued because they appropriated many millions of his earnings, leaving him with so little that he eventually was working as a security guard? About you giving some answers? Do you wonder that you weren’t called to his bedside before he passed away?

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