Madonna and Oprah Tops Forbes’ 2013 Celebrity List in Terms of Earnings and Power

Women rule the world, at least in Hollywood they do.

According to Forbes 2013 List of the Most Powerful Celebrities (released last June) and List of Top-Earning Celebs (released just a few days ago), Oprah and Madonna are biggest celebs in Hollywood right now.

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Oprah, who’s a regular at the Forbes list both as a top-earner and her power player, has lost her place before but has now laid claim to her throne once again. Though her earnings went down drastically this year, from $165 million to $77 million, it has not affected her influence as she continues to be mentioned in the press and social media. Aside from her undiminished power and fame, Oprah’s revenue dip has not affected her purchasing power. Sure, she claims that the $38,ooo crocodile bag that sparked much controversy is too expensive for her taste, but she’s willing to spend millions on something she values – her home. In fact, she’s had home renovations done on her already super expensive house, increasing the value from $50 million to a whopping $85 million. And because of that, she now lays claim to yet another record, being the Hollywood celebrity with the priciest home.

Madonna, on the other hand, may have made $125 million this year, but she still lags behind lady O in power making it only to the 5th spot of the “most powerful list”. And if you’re wondering how in the world Madonna earned so much in the last year, especially with her new album not doing so well, it’s all because of her loyal fan base who decided to watch her concert tour all for the sake of her best-selling hits. As Forbes explains, Madonna’s financial success this year is a clear example of “the incredible power of a successful music career”, because once you’ve got people loving you throughout the decades, money will keep on rolling in as they continue to buy your merchandise, attend your concerts, and even buy copies of old albums.

As ordinary folks who can only gawk at the unimaginable money and power that these celebs yield, maybe we can do more than just that. Instead of envying them and thinking of them as fortunate, we should admire their dedication and strive to copy their example. These two women did not come buy their fame and fortune through luck. They worked very hard for a really long time to get where they’re at. And perhaps, just as important (if not more), they exercised prudence in their finances and did not squander away the fruits of their labor like so many tragic figures in Hollywood did.


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