Hollywood Sign: Hefner To The Rescue

For some people, the Hollywood Sign is what will come to mind when this place is mentioned. Indeed, movies, print media, and television shows have immortalized this landmark more than anything else. And, for a lot of us, the loss of the Hollywood Sign is just unthinkable!

However, development has its price. The 138-acre (56-hectare) piece of land surrounding the ridge where the sign is located is supposed to be used by developers as an area for luxury homes. We know what this means: either the sign will be demolished or the astounding view will be marred by buildings and other construction. Either way, things will change – and probably not for the better.

Lucky for the world, billionaire Hugh Hefner has come to the rescue. He lent a helping hand to a conservation group that has been trying to raise enough funds to purchase the land. Their goal is to gain control of the land and turn it over to the city government so that the area can be incorporated into Griffith Park. This will ensure that any development will not endanger the Hollywood Sign.

So how much of a helping hand did Hefner give? A whopping $900,000! This amount has certainly helped the fundraising efforts greatly. They need $12.5 by the end of the work week, and it looks like they will reach their goal. This is not the first time that Hefner has helped save the sign, by the way.

Also worth mentioning are the other major players who have given their share in this effort: Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. With this combination, the Hollywood Sign is sure to be safe, right?

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