What Does a Celebrity Closet Look Like?



A regular girl may wonder just how different a celebrity closet may be different from hers and find out that the answer is a lot.  A lot different not only because of the staggering amount of content but also in privileges and amenities that can she can only imagine for herself.  A walk through a celebrity’s closet can be like walking through a dreamland of signature clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, and the token white dog as usually seen in lifestyle pictures of the rich and famous.

A quick check online will reveal just how privileged most celebrities are.  Although there is much emphasis on women celebrities when it comes to this specific area of interest, many male celebrities have equally interesting wardrobe contents, specifically those who lead quite a colorful lifestyle.  Those with rather conservative choices in clothes would tend to have many signature clothes hanging in their closets with very minimal differences in styles and designs.

It is quite a wonder why celebrities find it necessary to have 12 pairs of one shoe design or one dress design in varying colors.  Everything seem to have something matching lying there somewhere from brand to color to style.  And the one real point of envy here is the size of their closet which can be the size of a whole house for most people.

So what does a celebrity closet look like?  If we are to base the answer on publicized pictures, it looks every inch like a shopper’s dreamland.  It is a probably a picture of rigid organization where everything  has its place and everything is in its place.

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