The Price of Fame – Hollywood Style

It has been said time and again that the price of fame is steep. This is even more so on Hollywood where every move is magnified a thousand fold. Even with such a steep price to pay, many would die to experience such fame especially the Hollywood style.

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As the red carpet rolls out to the path of fame and popularity, Hollywood hopefuls will have to make adjustments, sacrifices, and drastic changes that could turn their life upside down. These are changes that are embraced and even desired at the start of a fledgling career. Once popularity is realized, dues have to be paid in return.

Loss of Privacy

While a wannabe star would move heaven and earth to be noticed, full-fledged celebrities hide from the attention. The irony in this situation is that a person will do anything to be a star but would rebel from the attention once stardom is attained. The loss of privacy is often regretted but has to be accepted if one is to continue living in the glitzy world of fame.

Perpetual Need to Live Up to an Image

Hollywood celebrities have images to preserve and maintain, sadly for the rest of their lives for most. This is especially difficult for celebrities who live an entirely different life from that which he or she presents to the public. This can be extremely stressful for concerned celebrities.

Search for Perfection

Related to maintaining an image is the continuous search for perfection in physical beauty. This may require from minor to major operations and other beauty enhancing procedures. Achieving perfect beauty as per Hollywood standards can be painful, risky even in some highly aggressive body modifications.

Magnification of Mistakes

Also related to image upkeep is the great difficulty in having what could be trivial mistakes for the lesser known, highly sensationalized in the part of celebrities. What could be a minor slip in common courtesy can be reported as the height of haughtiness of a diva. What could be a forgivable tardiness from regular people can be interpreted as fame going into the celebrity’s head. ¬†What could be comfortable clothing for one can be seen as lousy dressing for a celebrity.

Being a star of Hollywood stature is what dreams are made of. Behind this dream however is a dear price to pay for many. Fame and popularity holds such an attraction that nothing can dissuade a determined one from reaching it.

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