Arts Park

Arts Park layoutHollywood is known worldwide for theatre arts but what many do not realise is its commitment to arts as a whole. In fact, Hollywood is home to one of the most unique theme park in the world – and Arts Park.

The Arts Park, located at the Young Circle, is meant to be designed in such a way that each section of the park will not only be tastefully artful but functional in the sense that it will fit the activity meant to happen in that area of the partk. Though the park’s plan was first conceived back in 2003 till now it is still a work in progress. So far though visitors to the park will already find a good variety of things to enjoy including the:

  • historic pavilion – historic building built using an indigenous material (oolitic limestone)
  • grove – lawn built for more sedate activities such picnics, reading, and simply lounging around
  • the meadow – built for the more active visitors who want to toss a frisbee around or play some board games
  • “ancient” baobab trees – five baobab tree to marvel at
  • millennium springs – artwork designed by Ritsuko Taho it has 3 major components: the water sculpture (water fountain and the baobab tree sound art), the dream wave patterned walkway, and an E-sculpture
  • plaza – used for special events and festivals
  • children’s play area – A place where children of all ages will certainly love to explore. Features an interactive fountain, entrance sculptures, and innovative playground equipment.
  • visual arts pavilion
  • performing arts pavilion (not yet constructed)

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