Why Unwed Celebrity Couples Choose to Stay Unmarried


Many couples have been living together for years without the benefit of marriage and seem to be happy with it.  Hollywood has its own share of celebrity couples who have been together for years, had children, and stuck with each other in controversial times, and yet prefer not to make it official in terms of wedding vow.  If they are so happy together, why do they choose to remain unmarried?

We hear many couples say  that marriage seems to rob a relationship of excitement and passion because the word is connected to responsibilities.  Some see marriage as a spoiler of relationships that are doing great since a written agreement tend to put too much stress on couples.  The expectations that come with marriage usually succeed in making couples feel restricted and obligated.  In the Hollywood atmosphere where much pressure is already exerted on celebrities to act and feel in a certain way, additional pressure may just be too much for most celebrity relationships.

Celebrity couples who decided not to tie the knot and yet remain together are many.  Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham settled for a spiritual union and is still going strong after 25 or so years.  Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been together for about 30 years but enjoy the idea of treating each other as girlfriend-boyfriend so no marriage will destroy such fun for them.  Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts remain unmarried after seven years of being together and having two children although they say that they are not totally against the idea.  Tina Turner and Erwin Bach have been together for almost thirty years but have remained unmarried which has led many to speculate that Tina will never remarry after her much-publicized traumatic marriage with Ike Turner.

These are just some of the many couples who refuse to take the next step and are perfectly happy with it.

About the author: Teresa follows stories of celebrities.

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