Hollywood Wax Museum

Hollywood Wax Museum

Every Hollywood tourist brochure recommends a visit to the Wax Museum, but with an admission fee of $15 (and you can only stay an hour) is it really worth it?

Most visitors say that you go so you say you can go — and to have a lot of laughs. Think of it as a chance to get your pictures taken with celebrities, but don’t be too disappointed if the wax likenesses look like you’ve caught them at their worst. (David Hasselhoff looks like he has jaundice.)

Some of the scenes are pretty cool — like the segment from The Exorcist — others border on the creepy. But since the hours extend till 1 am, and the airconditioning’s fantastic, it’s a quiet, relaxing way to end to a long and frenetic day of touring. Get a shared pass to the Guiness Book of Records museum across the street to get your money’s worth.

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