Hollywood Blah Blah, May 17, 2010

What, are you kidding me? Apparently the reality show Celebrity Rehab witih Dr. Drew can’t get any celebrities to star on the show next season. Gee, I wonder why that is! I mean, not really. If I lived in a different universe and were a celebrity, I wouldn’t want to appear on that show either. But come on, even Lindsay Lohan didn’t want to appear?!! Did she think it would be bad for her career? Hint to the producers: that’s a clue for you. Hopefully means one less annoying reality show on TV. Maybe one day soon, we’ll get back to comedies. The world could use a good laugh, right about now.

Speaking of comedy, Saturday Night Live had Alec Baldwin hosting for the 15th time, and of course he couldn’t go a few minutes without his hosting nemesis Steve Martin appearing, albeit via closed circuit TV. While there were a lot of lame skits involving Baldwin, there were a few good ones. One skit called Timecrowave is pretty funny. The skit plays with the idea that we’re such a fast food nation that we want our meals now, at any cost. So inventor Gram Lampton has created a special time-travelling microwave that has your food ready exactly when you want it. You just need to send it back in time fromt the future using the timecrowave. Unfortunately, any screw up on your part could cause serious time continuum paradoxes. The visual gags in this skit are brilliant.

In the “not too brilliant things to say in public” department, Letters to Juliet star Amanda Seyfried says she’s not sure if her current beau Dominic Cooper is “the one.” Isn’t that the kind of stuff you keep to yourself, until you’re sure either way? Well maybe he has no illusions about you either, Minge. The couple have been carrying on a long-distance relationship for a few years now. Is that normal, to put in a few years into a relationship when you’re not sure of where it’s going? Or do stars busy lives mean complacency in any relationship, unless something goes wrong. As in cheating. Or stupid public comments?

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