Dupre Files Lawsuit Against Girls Gone Wild

Remember this girl? Apparently with the Spitzer scandal dying she’s ready for a brand new one. Ashley Alexandra Dupre sued Girls Gone WIld for $10 million dollars last Monday for having “exploited” her image by using shots taken… Read More

Hannah Montana Vanity Stint Gone Wrong

Miley Cyrus has apologized in advance for her sexy pictures that will be coming out in the June issue of Vanity Fair. The picture shown above was taken by Annie Leibovitz during a photo shoot that Billy Ray… Read More

Coachella Bows to the Prince

Prince may have been the last one to sign on for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival but he sure is not the least of the performers. If anything he was the centerpiece of the whole event…. Read More

Rocky Time for Randy Miller

Randy Miller, the owner of Rocky, is being investigated by PETA to determine whether his actions somehow contributed to the fatal “attack” of the bear on it’s trainer, Stephen Miller. Stephen Miller died after being bit by the… Read More

Hollywood to Bollywood for Chan?

It seems that after pairing up with Jet Li in the Forbidden Kingdom Jackie Chan is now ready to go south of Asia to India’s Bollywood. During the audio launch of the much awaited “Dasavatharam” Chan delighted the… Read More

A New Star for Hollywood Walk of Fame

Wondering who the latest addition to the Walk of Fame is? No he isn’t an action star nor is he an even actor but he is indeed famous thanks to his previous stints as president and CEO of… Read More

Forbidden Box Office News

Last week’s box office closed with the Forbidden Kingdom earning the top spot at $7.55 million. I still haven’t seen the movie though I look forward to seeing Jackie Chan and Jet Li together in a blockbuster movie…. Read More

2008 Political Popularity Contest

Although I usually veer away from politics this year’s election is turning out to be an exciting one in terms of who’s supporting who. So far Barack Obama is proving to be the big Hollywood magnet with Hillary… Read More

AI Contestants’ Paychecks

Plan on joining American Idol to get rich? Unless you’re going to be among the top contestants you can forget about it. My recent research to find the answer to the question of how much the idol contestants… Read More

Idol Gives Michael Johns Back to His Normal Life

I love watching American Idol and I especially love Idol Gives Back but this year I did cringe when they sent home Michael Johns. It wasn’t that I am a big fan of Michaels Johns (although I did… Read More