Remember this girl? Apparently with the Spitzer scandal dying she’s ready for a brand new one. Ashley Alexandra Dupre sued Girls Gone WIld for $10 million dollars last Monday for having “exploited” her image by using shots taken during spring break 2003. She was just 17 then. Dupre claims that being underage she can not be held liable for any contracts and anything made then is not legally binding.

Girls Gone Wild Founder, Joe Francis, on the other hand is very surprised at the lawsuit especially since he has a videotape of Dupre giving her consent. Prior to the lawsuit Joe Francis offered Dupre a $1 million dollar contract for a promotional tour but canceled when he found out that he already had the old spring break video, which was the one he used for the promo tour. Apparently Dupre wants a chunk of the money so she filed this lawsuit. According to Francis he is willing to discuss the offer again with Dupre if she wishes.

Partially clothed Miley Cryus

Miley Cyrus has apologized in advance for her sexy pictures that will be coming out in the June issue of Vanity Fair. The picture shown above was taken by Annie Leibovitz during a photo shoot that Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley’s dad, claims was “supposed to be artistic”. According Billy Ray he was with Miley during the shoot and didn’t intend for the photos to come out that way but “now seeing the photographs and reading the story, I [Billy Ray] feel so embarrassed”.

This is a blow to Miley Cyrus’ squeaky clean Hannah Montana image that she has been cultivating really hard, especially since the father-daughter duo is known for being set against Miley going the way previous Disney stars such as Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan has.

Disney Channel of course stood for Miley saying that Vanity Fair “deliberately manipulated a 15-year-old”. Since her parents were on the set the whole day Vanity Fair of course rebuts this accusation by reminding the world that there were adults there whose job was to make sure that Miley wasn’t manipulated into anything.

How this will all pan out will depend on Hannah Montanas fans and their parents. Will this break their trust or will they stay loyal. One thing’s for sure Hannah Montana shouldn’t slip up in the near future if she wants to retain their confidence.

Prince may have been the last one to sign on for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival but he sure is not the least of the performers. If anything he was the centerpiece of the whole event. The festival organizers was hell bent on making sure that they got Prince so much so that they kept on courting him ending up paying more than $5 million for his appearance.

The fans are apparently glad that the festival organizers persevered with everybody agreeing that the Prince sure made the event a royal festivity. Even Prince himself agrees that he brought the oomph to the festival when he screamed out “Coachella, I am here. You are the coolest place on Earth right now!” Talk about confidence. But then again…he’s The Prince.

Other big names that came for the event include Jack Johnson, trip-hop group Portishead, and The Verve. Lots of new talents were also there making the music festival goers really happy.

Rocky the Bear in Semi-ProRandy Miller, the owner of Rocky, is being investigated by PETA to determine whether his actions somehow contributed to the fatal “attack” of the bear on it’s trainer, Stephen Miller.

Stephen Miller died after being bit by the 700 lb, 7 1/2-foot-tall bear on the neck while shooting a promotional video. Witnesses claim that the bear bite was an accident and that it was just a playful behavior on the part on the bear that turned into a tragedy since the trainer was bit in a very vulnerable spot. One bite was all it took. Prior to the biting incident everything seemed to have been going well with the bear was licking Stephen Miller’s face. Everyone who’s been in contact with the bear knows that the bear is actually surprised because Rocky is known for his good disposition and is fact touted as being one of the “best trained” animals in Hollywood.

Despite the bear’s good record PETA seems skeptical about the bear’s state especially since last year, during an inspection, they have deemed Miller’s training facility and sanctuary as not suitable for many of the wild animals that lived there.

Whatever happens this is indeed a tragedy not only for Stephen Miller and his family but also for the bear who surely was not at fault, accident or no.

Rocky is best known for his appearance in Semi-Pro with Will Ferrell.

Jackie Chan Davasatharam

It seems that after pairing up with Jet Li in the Forbidden Kingdom Jackie Chan is now ready to go south of Asia to India’s Bollywood. During the audio launch of the much awaited “Dasavatharam” Chan delighted the audience and got their on their feet by professing to be a fan of Kamal Hassan and saying that “Kamal, Bachchan and I should work together. I’m an actor, I sing and I fight. When you all find the time, call me here and we’ll do a movie. But only I will do all the romance scenes.”

Hmmm… Does this mean that next time we might see Jackie Chan saving someone in a sari? Who knows? For sure his fans in India will hold him to his word.

Michael Eisner Hollywood Walk of Fame

Wondering who the latest addition to the Walk of Fame is? No he isn’t an action star nor is he an even actor but he is indeed famous thanks to his previous stints as president and CEO of Paramount Pictures and then as the CEO of Disney. So who is he? Michael Eisner

As mentioned before he was the president and CEO of Paramount Pictures from 1976 to 1984 during which the studio churned out plenty of big hit movies and TV shows. According to Eisner though his golden charm during the Paramount days is really John Travolta because everything “John was associated with while I [Eisner] was at Paramount was a hit.” It is indeed true since it was during those days that the hits Grease and Saturday Night Fever came out.

Upon leaving Paramount Eisner then came to the aid of the then struggling Disney Productions and along with Frank Wells managed to revitalize the studio during the late 80s. During the 90s they then set out to expand the “Disney Kingdom” and established parks around the world (Hong Kong, Tokyo, etc) and took on plenty of new investments. However, in 2005 Eisner stepped down as CEO after shareholders went along with the revolt led by Roy Disney, son of Disney co-founder Roy O. Disney, and Stanley Gold.

Eisner kept himself busy after by founding the Torante Company, a private company that “invests in and incubates companies and opportunities in the media and entertainment space.” His charity foundation, the Eisner Foundation, is still very much active although it is his wife, Jane, that actually manages it as its president.

The Walk of Fame ceremony was attended by Mickey and Minnie mouse, John Travolta, and Bob Iger. It was held earlier this day.

Last week’s box office closed with the Forbidden Kingdom earning the top spot at $7.55 million. I still haven’t seen the movie though I look forward to seeing Jackie Chan and Jet Li together in a blockbuster movie. Being a huge fan of both action stars I sure wouldn’t miss this one.
Forbidden Kingdom poster

Garnering the number two spot was Forgetting Sarah Marshall ($5.92 million). Tagged as the ultimate romantic disaster movie I wasn’t really planning on seeing the movie but after seeing the high rating it got on IMDB I just might see it.

Other movies to make it to the top ten are Prom Night ($3.45 m), 88 Minutes ($2.33 m), 21 ($1.8 m), Nim’s Island ($1,5 m), Street Kings ($1.3 m), Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed ($1.2 m), Dr Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who!, and Leather (tied at $925k).

So far I have only seen 88 Minutes and Street Kings. Although Street Kings was more fast-paced I preferred 88 Minutes a lot more. Street Kings lacked depth and had some really cheesy lines plus you can guess the bad guy very early on. 88 Minutes on the other hand had some slow moments in the beginning but the twist was pretty good and threw me off from my original suspect a few times. Truthfully though I had no real big basis for my original suspect to be the killer other than the person is a pretty big actor/actress (not telling so I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet!) and so thought that the person would have a big role.

So I guess that’s it for last week’s box office. Got lots of movies to watch this week so I can tell you all about them on my next box office recap.

US Presidential SealAlthough I usually veer away from politics this year’s election is turning out to be an exciting one in terms of who’s supporting who. So far Barack Obama is proving to be the big Hollywood magnet with Hillary Clinton following and John McCain having just a few celebrity endorsers.

For those interested here are some of the endorsers for each candidate:

Big Names Behind Barack
Oprah Winfrey
Bruce Sprinsteen
George Clooney
Scarlett Johansson
Edward Norton
Larry David
Kal Penn
Jamie Foxx
Garry Shandling
Linda Ronstadt
Paul Newman
Will Smith
Geena Davis
Ellen Pompeo,
Isaiah Washington
Laurence Fishburne
Matt Damon
Emilio Esteves
Sharon Stone
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Halle Berry
Charles Barkley
Ben Affleck
Sinbad (Yes this is the same Sinbad who blew open the lid when Sen Clinton “misspoke” about her Bosnia travel)
and so many more…

Celebrities for Clinton
Barbra Streisand
Ted Danson
America Ferrera
Magic Johnson
Tom Hanks
Billy Crystal
Bette Midler
Chevy Chase
Elizabeth Taylor
Martha Stewart
Michael Douglas
Heidi Fleiss
Melissa Etheridge
Janet Jackson
and of course hubby Bill Clinton

McCain Supporters
Heidi Montag
Sylvester Stallone
Andy Williams
Clint Eastwood
Jon Voight

American IdolPlan on joining American Idol to get rich? Unless you’re going to be among the top contestants you can forget about it. My recent research to find the answer to the question of how much the idol contestants actually make while on the show lead me to these findings:

1. No one is paid anything until they’re on the top 24.
2. The top 24 contestants get paid about $30 a day for food and an additional $500 a week for clothing. They are not allowed to spend the $500 on anything else.
3. They go home empty handed if they don’t make it to the top 12.
4. The longer the contestant stays the bigger the check they get when they are eliminated (this makes sense of course). The top two contestants get a car on top of the money.
5. Contestants get a cut from the compilation album.
6. Contestants are paid a nice enough amount for going on the AI tour. For each appearance they rack up $5000 (per show) and they also get a cut from the all the merchandise sold during the tour.
7. Of course we all know the AI winner goes home rich.

Lesson learned? If you plan on joining AI just for the money you’d better make sure you make it to the top 12!

Michael Johns American IdolI love watching American Idol and I especially love Idol Gives Back but this year I did cringe when they sent home Michael Johns. It wasn’t that I am a big fan of Michaels Johns (although I did love his last performance) but Ryan Seacrest’s callous remark after announcing who was going home really is cringe-worthy. Hearing Ryan say, “Last year on Idol Gives Back week, we didn’t eliminate anyone. Not so this week.”, somehow soured the goody goody feeling Idol Gives Back inspires. That was a cruel thing to do. No one should be left with negative memories of an Idol Gives Back night and Michael Johns sure would. A pat on the back him though since he took it all in stride and even said about his song “Dream On” that, “If there’s a song to go out on, that’s not a bad one.”

On the bright side though the show had some really good moments with the highlight being the amount of money raised, which is more than what they raised last year. They are still accepting donations via the Idol Gives Back website as well as their Idol Gives Back MySpace page.

If you want to see all the stars and the performances head on to itunes to download all the Idol performances (regular shows and Idol Gives Back).