Being a celebrity can be a daunting task, even if your fans fall in love with your performances or personality. Whether your favorite celebrities play the bad guy in a box office hit or they’re lying on a bed hooked up to oxygen equipment, we get sucked in to the movies that they act in, because they add their own unique touch to the film. This begs the question of why we get attached to certain celebrities, but not to others. Do some actors have special traits that make them stand out from the rest, or are we drawn to fall in love with certain celebrities for other reasons? It is difficult to say why people are compelled to fall in love with certain actors and not others, but to better understand this question and its answer, perhaps we should take a closer look at some of the actors that ended up having long prosperous careers in film and television.

Morgan Freeman

morgan freeman

When people think of prosperous actors that they absolutely love, Morgan Freeman often comes to mind. From his role as Red in Stephen King’s acclaimed film, Shawshank Redemption to his talented acting in Along Came A Spider, Morgan Freeman has dazzled audiences far and wide with his matter of fact approach to acting genius. However, one thing that stands out more than other aspects of Freeman’s acting career is that he has a unique and memorable voice. The low story telling tones of Freeman’s voice is both soothing and inviting, adding an extra special twist to why people come to love his films. Continue reading »



If you’ve never heard of Soul Cycle, there’s no doubt that you probably soon will. Soul cycle is the new cult fitness trend and hugely popular with celebrities, such as Charlize Theron, Lady Gaga and Kelly Ripa.


Already taking over Los Angeles, New York and hitting London very soon, why is Soul Cycle so popular?

Soul Cycle is basically indoor cycling. In 45 minutes, you’ll experience an intense group cycling exercise, alongside an instructor chanting encouragement. Soul Cycle aims participants to experience a full body workout, rather than focusing on particular areas.

Inside The Class

Soul Cycle is more than just an average spin class. As the workout begins, expect dimmed lights, lit candles and a music playlist blaring out beats to get you motivated. Cycling shoes need to be worn instead of regular sneakers to ensure your feet stay on the pedals at all times.

Soul Cycle focuses on muscle strengthening to tighten the abs and creates a full body exercise. Weights are also added to the workout to combine arm workouts with cycling.

The difference

The difference between Soul Cycle and regular cycling workouts is the aspect on the spiritual. A visit to the Soul Cycle website displays the message “riders can let loose, clear their heads and empower themselves with strength that lasts beyond the studio walls.”

Founded in 2006 by Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler, Soul Cycle now has 25 studios with around 8,000 riders every day, according to Forbes. One class is priced around $34 with multi-classes ranging around $600 for 20 sessions. That cost doesn’t include the rental price for shoes and water bottle charge.

Soul Cycle continues to be popular possibly due to its market. It’s aimed at young, trendy customers and those who are looking for a unique, dynamic experience. With Soul Cycle now expanding into merchandise, including tank tops and sweatshirts it would seem that Soul Cycle is here to stay for a while.





Whether they are actors, singers, presenters or reality TV stars, female celebrities are now branching out beyond their professions and into entrepreneurs. Many already have their own fragrances, merchandise and collaborations with brands. 2014 appears to be the year of the lifestyle site with Blake Lively becoming the latest celebrity to hop on the trend. Here’s a look at the female celebrities and their growing empires.

Jessica Alba

The mother of two young daughters, Alba launched The Honest Company as an eco-friendly diaper company. The Honest Company is now reportedly worth at almost $1 billion and has expanded into bath, body, cleaning products and even a book. The Honest Company now employs under 300 employees and will no doubt continue to thrive – not bad for a company that’s only 2 years old.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow launched Goop – a digital media and e-commerce company in 2008. Famous for its recipes, life advice and shopping suggestions, Goop has had its ups and downs with critics. Many have claimed that Goop is only aimed at the wealthy with price tags of some product suggestions reaching thousands of dollars. Earlier this year, Paltrow announced her divorce to Coldplay singer Chris Martin via the site and has recently been hit with a lawsuit for copyright infringement.


Blake Lively

Lively recently launched her website Preserve aimed at sharing inspiring stories and American made hand crafted products. Though Preserve is a new site, its already received criticism from readers. However, with Blake’s popularity it will be interesting to see how the site develops and whether a connection can be built with younger readers.


Reece Witherspoon

Already an Oscar winner, Witherspoon is now setting her sights on creating a lifestyle brand. Recently unveiled as being named ‘Draper James’, we haven’t been given any insight into what this brand may comprise of. However, plans include launching a retail store and a trademark application included items from stationary to fragrance.





Simply by virtue of becoming a celebrity, most actors, actresses, and musicians end up forfeiting a lot more of their privacy than the average person.

Exposure of parts of their lives to the camera and print media has always been part of the job description for many celebrities. But the past few years have seen sophisticated attacks that have made them more of a target than ever.

Take a look at some of the worst examples of increased privacy invasions that have occurred. Continue reading »


Sometimes compared to a Bauhaus in Southern California, the social club known as The UpLifters in the early 20th century indulged in hijinks and projects that helped spark careers, and forged an image for Hollywood and its environs that has lasted to the present day. Continue reading »

The digital era has added new dimensions to our enjoyment of TV viewing. We can now read, watch, and listen to our favorite showrunners, writers, actors, and actresses while they discuss the creation process and share blooper reels.

Social media has given fans the ability to interact with each other, as well as with the amazing and talented professionals that work on these shows. You can participate in the dialogue by logging onto these social networks every time a new episode airs! Continue reading »


It’s hard to tell whether Jenji Kohan, the creator of this Netflix original series knew just how much she’d shake the foundations of traditional TV. The immensely diverse and talented cast of Orange is the New Black has set new standards for representation and TV. This comedy drama casts an unflinching eye at the lives of women in prison, portrayed by actresses of various ethnicities and identities. Here are just a few ways this television show is revolutionizing mainstream pop culture. Continue reading »


Taylor Swift is a country music singer who is best known for her songs that relate stories about bad boyfriend break-ups. She recently decided to build a seawall in front of her $17.7 million mansion, for which she paid in cold, hard cash.

The new construction has enraged her neighbors in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, and they want her out. Continue reading »

It is said that there are two main magnets for online traffic to websites and blogs – information and entertainment. Most online searchers are looking for real information but a good number would like to be entertained as well. Is the proliferation of entertainment sites any indication that this is a fact? Entertainment sites can be found through blog listings such as those provided by a lifestyle blog directory. It is also highly possible that they can be found through word of mouth since most tend to cater to topics that easily go viral such as the latest Hollywood scandal or fashion statement.

Natural Curiosity for the Lives Of the Popular

Entertainment sites know very well how powerful a name of a celebrity is in a blog post title. Most of the time, I get personally disappointed when upon reading the whole post, I found nothing remotely related to the celebrity. The fact of the matter is that it worked. I clicked on it, read it, and so the site got its desired visit. Blame this kind of scenario to the natural curiosity of the public for the lives of the rich and famous. Ergo – online traffic.

Natural Like for Something Entertaining

When we see a post that looks like fun especially those shared by friends , what do we usually do? Click on it and read further. When we chance on a viral post which appears to be getting the attention of many, don’t we try to find out why? Once we find out that it does entertain, we pass it on as well. Ergo – online traffic.

What Do Entertainment Sites Offer?

Entertainment sites can offer varied articles in all aspects of life with only one common denominator – the entertainment factor. Readers expect to be amused, to enjoy, or have their curiosity satisfied for all the latest happenings around the world. While there are many that choose to concentrate on a specific entertainment niche for example like Hollywood celebrities, others would opt to combine just about anything entertaining like extraordinary talents, trivia, and latest events or gossips involving popular people.

Human Nature Triggers Viral Traffic

The traffic enjoyed by most entertainment sites is mostly triggered by human nature. Human nature is largely unpredictable and can go this way and that so no one will know exactly what the end reaction will be. They know however that as long as they continue to feed human curiosity and likes, they can reasonably be assured of the desired traffic.


The NCAA March Madness and the NBA Playoffs are both the most important dates on basketball fan’s calendars, here’s an infographic that breaks down the stats and data

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