Five Athletes Who Made The Jump From Sports To Hollywood

The instances of athletes turned actors isn’t quite as rare as you may think. Matter of fact, it happens a lot. Some of our most loved Hollywood legends started their lives as athletes. Some of them, you will be very familiar with, and some of them may stump you.

If you’re looking for a good read, and a few things you may not know about a few people that you may know, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is a quick collective list of five athletes that successfully made the jump from sports to Hollywood. Read More


Four Big Name Celebrities Who Died Of A Drug Overdose

Some of our most loved celebrities throughout the years have fallen victim to the epidemic of addiction, and found a most terminal fate. For some reason, the world loves to hear the stories of how those celebs found their way down that dark road to an out of control addiction. Sometimes it’s just a case of curiousity. For those of you who may be a bit younger, and don’t remember these tragedies first hand, you’ll want to read a bit. Whatever the case may be, here is a collective summary of just a few of our favorite tortured souls and the stories of their ultimate demise.

Elvis Presley


Elvis was found dead in the bathroom floor of his famous home in Memphis, TN, Graceland. His family has done everything they can to try and cover up his true cause of death, but the press settled upon a heart attack caused from prolonged heavy prescription pill usage. The cool part of this case is that Elvis’s autopsy results were legally sealed until the year 2027. So in a little over ten more years, the truth will be uncovered. It will be very interesting to see what the media does with the results once they are made available to the public. Read More

Katie Holmes

Four Hollywood Fashion Secrets You May Not Know

Stars come in all shapes, sizes, and conditions. They’re not all picture perfect beauties from the second they roll out of bed in the morning. Just like the rest of the general population, famous people use little tricks to maintain their beauty and style as well. If you consider yourself fairly unaware of these crafty clothing conditions, then we’re here to help. Here is a quick summary of a few of the most common little Hollywood fashion secrets to help you dress like you’re famous.

Zipped or unzipped

One of the simplest ways to gain that sleek, fashionable look is to wear a tight fitting jacket. That’s right. Wear just the jacket with no shirt underneath. It’ll keep you warm, and keep you looking hot all at the same time. Now, you probably don’t want to do this with your biggest fur coat. You should try this style out with a nice denim or leather jacket. You can choose to wear it zipped all the way up, or you can wear the zipper opened a bit. Whichever way makes you feel more comfortable throughout the day. Read More


5 Hollywood Stars Who Went Bankrupt

Have you ever imagined that life would be easier if you just made more money? Unfortunately, an increase in earnings does not usually correlate with better money management. If celebrities have taught us anything, it’s that more money does not necessarily mean avoidance of issues like debt and bankruptcy. Included here are a few of those famous Hollywood personalities who went bankrupt even after making it big.

M.C. Hammer

Unfortunately for M.C. Hammer, saying “U Can’t Touch This” to the IRS proved unproductive when he was forced to file for bankruptcy in 1996. Hammer’s exorbitant lifestyle in mansions with countless paid staff caught up to him when he found himself unable to make monthly payments and facing lawsuits. Following the bankruptcy, Hammer believed his priorities were out of order which led him to become a pastor living in a ranch house in California.
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DiCaprio The Aviator

Hairstyles of the Characters You Love

One of the characteristic of the people we come to know and love on our television screens every day is their hair. The mop on top, the sideburns, the beards, and the mustaches – they can almost become as iconic as the characters themselves. When you think about someone in silhouette, notice that the way their hair looks in your mind immediately comes into focus.

And to this end, today we observe some of the details of our favorite follicles by going over some categories – how do they get those beards to look like that, is there some hair dying involved, what do the magazines have to say, and what are some inspirations behind the dos in fantasy worlds. Read More

Danny Trejo

Shining Bright: Hollywood Redemption Stories

Hollywood loves a bad boy, and it also has a way of turning good kids into late-night TMZ marathon material. From Britney Spears to Lindsey Lohan to Amanda Bynes, it seems we can’t get enough of starlets falling out of limos or going on drunken rampages. When Justin Beiber gets filmed peeing in a hotel room, the world watches – and loves it!

However, not every Hollywood crime ends in a DUI or a personal injuries claim. Some celebs have more serious rap sheets. Sometimes their fame is enough to gain the public’s favor, while other times, they end up exponentially more hated. This article features two stars who managed to redeem themselves through great personal effort and remain successful today. Read More


4 Hollywood Actors Known for Timeless Performances

The issue of being timeless in Hollywood is constantly sought-after by actors and actresses. In an industry that can make or break you overnight, every individual hopes they will create the performance that lasts an eternity. But reading movie reviews can be daunting as the authors fail to mince their words when they analyze your work. Nearly everyone has their own idea of what a “timeless performance” is, but only a few have been universally recognized. Included here are a few actors who made a name for themselves with timeless acting.

Leonardo DiCaprio


DiCaprio has been a hugely diverse actor since his humble beginnings in 80’s sitcoms to his legendary role in one of the most successful films of all time. DiCaprio is most widely-renowned for his timeless performance as Jack Dawson in the 1997 film, Titanic. DiCaprio was the living embodiment of a young American man in Titanic and created lovestruck young women everywhere with his performance. Since then, DiCaprio has only served to broaden his career with his performance in Inception directed by Christopher Nolan. Read More

5 Best Celebrity Weddings of 2014

Everyone loves seeing the stars tie the knot. Celebrity weddings are often an incredible inspiration as they are celebrations with no monetary limitations. Nuptials performed between the brightest stars are often exercises in imagination and creativity and can be enjoyable for everyone to watch. The year 2014 saw some beautiful weddings, both with big names and big spenders. Included here are a few of the best weddings performed in 2014.

kanye and kim wedding

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

After welcoming the birth of their daughter, North West, in June of 2013, Kim and Kanye continued their romance and became engaged four months later. Their wedding in May of 2014 cost an estimated 14.7 million dollars. The wedding was held in Florence, Italy in the famed Belvedere Fort with many stars in attendance. Kim wore a Givenchy dress and clothed her baby, North, in the same for the ceremony.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

A self-proclaimed bachelor, Clooney relinquished the title in September of 2014 to his blushing bride Amal, a British human rights lawyer. The wedding took place in Venice, Italy, and the reception was held on boats along the Aman Canal Grande. Amal’s gown was one of the final designs created by the late Oscar De La Renta. The cost of the wedding was estimated to be around $13 million, but Clooney and Alamuddin donated all proceeds from the wedding photos to charity. Read More

Three Celebrities Who Advocate Organic Foods And Diets

There are many ways to advocate organic food, and to let people know why it can be important and beneficial to their health to consume organic foods. You can join groups that tell people the importance of this healthy food choice, and how it saves lives of both people and even the animals and insects that eat the foods while they are growing.

Many people don’t realize that the world is losing some species of insects, like honeybees, and it could have something to do with the pesticides that are being used on crops. Monarch butterflies are losing the main form of sustenance that feeds their caterpillars, milkweed, possibly due to herbicides and other chemicals used on non-organic crops.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Another bonus of eating organic is that it ensures you are getting the vitamins and minerals that food offers at its greatest potency. Even making the switch to grass-fed, organic beef is a great diet choice, because it is a far superior healthy option. Also look for organic foods that are grown locally for fresher options. Read More

Gomez Addams

6 Popular Movie Characters Who Love Cigars

With the warnings about lung cancer and COPD, many people have come to avoid the occasional cigar or cigarette. Unfortunately, many often ignore the relaxational benefits the occasional cigar has to offer. By engaging in this pastime infrequently, you can strike a healthy balance and look nearly as cool as these famous movie stars. Included here are a few movie stars who loved a good stoogie and looked incredibly cool while enjoying it.

Gomez Addams

The creepy Addams family was well-loved during its run on television with an incredibly catchy theme song. The head of this household, Gomez, was oft seen with cigar in hand enjoying the evening. Mr. Addams was well-known for his fabulous style and his incredible wealth. Known for spending well over $1,000 a month on this passion, it was obvious he did not take his cigars lightly! Read More