Break Into Hollywood with Some Entrepreneurial Spirit

The dream is often to break into the Hollywood scene as an actor, but there are certainly other ways to do it. A-listers have support structures thousands of people deep, and you can be in that line anywhere you want, especially if you have a little bit of entrepreneurial spirit behind you, in order to target your creative efforts and passions toward a successful conclusion. Think about combining the drive you have inside a few other perspective’s, just to jumpstart the brainstorming process.

writing for films

Fighting for Writing

Writing is everywhere, and not just as in penning the perfect Hollywood script and selling it for a billion dollars. There is advertising writing, promotional writing, entertainment writing, reviewing, proposing, and titling. Add to that, there are a ton of jobs editing that content after it’s written. Breaking into the Hollywood scene via writing is very plausible, with the right education and the right angle. If you want to approach it as an entrepreneur, find a need that is out there and create a business to fulfill it. Satisfy some aspect of the Hollywood culture that needs to be fulfilled, and do it in a way that no one else has thought of before. Read More

The 5 Best TV Show Sets in California

California is the historic home of film and television, so there’s never been a shortage of projects being filmed there. However, there has been a downturn in the film and television production in California in recent years, leaving the area hurting for production jobs. Film crews for popular television shows now look to places like New York, Georgia, and Louisiana in favor of Hollywood, and not without reason: filming outside of California allows moviemakers to seek the tax incentives offered by 41 other states and a multitude of foreign territories, according to Bob Strauss of the Los Angeles Daily News.

Be that as it may, the industry hasn’t packed up its bags entirely. Many shows still choose to film in California due to the film-friendly year-round sunshine, prime filming locations that offer full catering and event support staff, and the proximity to the major studios and production houses that have been based their since the inception of the industry. Here are some of the hit programs that still call California their home. Read More

The Best of Hollywood Stars’ Plastic Surgery

plastic surgery

Looking at Jocelyn Wildenstein, Donatella Versace or Kenny Rogers, it’s easy to think that plastic surgery is a one-way ticket to destroying natural beauty and is to be avoided at all costs. However, some outcomes are absolutely stunning. Here are some examples of celebrity cosmetic surgery done right, whether or not the star will admit it.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Rhinoplasty

As a young woman, Parker had an otherwise-attractive face and figure that was unfortunately saddled by an enormous nose. Although the actress denies having had work done, the results are obvious in thousands of side-by-side comparison shots. She should admit it and tell the world the name of her surgeon, because the outcome was stunning. Her nose still fits her face without overpowering it and also looks perfectly natural. Read More

Jay Z’s Maybach Exelero

By a good measure the most expensive car that can be seen driving around Hollywood is rapper Jay Z’s eight million dollar Maybach Exelero. You may have seen it driving around and thought it was the bat mobile, because it bears a striking resemblance. The Exelero is fairly fast. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.44 seconds and reach a top speed of 218 mph, which is surprising because it weights over 2 ½ tons. It was manufactured in 2005 as a one-of-a-kind by Fulda Tires, but if you have an extra eight million lying around they will make one for you. You won’t find one of these at Diamond Honda.


Birdman’s Bugatti Veyron

Birdman (Bryan Williams) drives his $2 million Bugatti Veyron every day and is seen on it regularly on the streets of Hollywood. The Veyron is both one of the most expensive production cars in the world and one of the fastest cars on the planet.

Simon Cowell’s Bugatti Veyron

Simon Cowell, the cranky talent judge on American Idol also owns a Bugatti Veyron. His set him back $1,700,000. He can get to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds and if he can still breathe it will continue on up to 267 mph. He drives this when he doesn’t feel like driving his Rolls-Royce Phantom or his Ferrari.

Jerry Seinfled’s Porsches

Jerry Seinfeld can be seen driving any of his 46 Porsches except his Porsche 959. The 959 was one of a limited production run of 337 and it cost him $700,000. The reason that he doesn’t drive it is because it won’t pass the US emissions test.

Nicholas Cage’s Ferrari Enzo

Nicholas Cage can no longer be seen driving his limited production Ferrari Enzo #135439 around. The $670,000 aluminum V12, one of 399 made had to be sold because of money problems.

Jay Leno’s Rides

Jay Leno has a 17,000 sq/ft garage to house his collection of unique cars. The collection includes a running 1906 Stanley Steamer and a vintage 1970 Dodge Challenger. The most expensive car in the garage and the one he is most often spotted driving is a Mercedes SLF McLaren which set him back almost half a million dollars which was more than a weeks wages at the time he purchased it.

P. Diddly’s Zeppelin

Sean combs gave his son a Maybach for his 16th birthday. Luftschiffbau Zeppelin, the German company that made its name manufacturing rigid airships before WWII makes this beauty. The Maybach set him back $360,000. It comes with a chauffeur because his son does not yet have a driver’s license.

Paris Hilton’s Pink Bentley

Paris Hilton was an avid Barbie Fan as a little girl and had the pink Barbie Corvette. One Christmas she bought a Bentley GT Continental, had every square inch of it painted bright pink except the $285,000 diamond-encrusted dashboard which was installed especially or her. This is the car that she keeps getting arrested in for driving under the influence.

Celebrities Who Made Education a Priority

In the midst of achieving fame and fortune, a number celebrities made the decision to return to college and obtain degrees. Film stars, music industry professionals, runway models and sports legends are among the many who serve as an inspiration for students of all ages.

college graduates

America Ferrara

Known for her starring role in the television series “Ugly Betty,” Ferrara initially enrolled in college and was on her way to achieving a bachelor’s degree in 2002. However, she became sidetracked when film and TV opportunities came calling. Deciding to complete her goal, the young actress acquired her B.A. in international relations in 2012.

Ashley Judd

Judd originally attended the University of Kentucky to earn an undergraduate degree in addition to juggling a career in acting. She later enrolled in the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and earned her master’s degree in public administration in 2010 at the age of 45. Read More

Best of the Best: Memorable Outfits in 2014


Celebrities attend many award shows, opening nights, charity galas and other events where everyone pays attention to fashion, but the Vera Wang, Michael Kors and Hugo Boss numbers can be hard to remember after a while. They might wow crowds on the big night, but being memorable for the right reasons is difficult. Here are a few outfits that still stand out at the end of the year.

Taylor’s Transition to Pop Star

Taylor Swift had no shortage of fabulous outfits to choose from as she made People’s Best Dressed List in 2014, but her outfit at the MTV Video Music Awards was especially memorable because the singer wanted to promote her new album “1989” and emphasize that she was no longer a country singer. Her Mary Katrantzou romper gave off the right impression as it was bold, fun and perfect for the pop star who graced the VMA stage to perform “Shake It Off.”
Read More

Find Inspiration for Your Own Vacation with These Luxury Celebrity Destinations

antigua vacations

Whether it is time to head for a warmer climate for the winter or you just deserve a break, there is always a good excuse to take a vacation. While finding the time to actually relax may allude many people, celebrities are always ready to spend some time far from the flashing lights and red carpets of Hollywood. These famous people know how to vacation right and could inspire you to go on your adventure.

Rock and Roll Lifestyle

Fame and fortune are not new to rocker Mick Jagger, and he prefers spending luxurious holidays away from the rest of the world at a private island called Mustique, which is in the Caribbean. Jagger has two villas on the beach, which can be rented for either $22,000 or $7,000 per week. The more expensive villa is a Japanese style mini-mansion that fits 10 guests and has a full-time staff.

Honeymoon Getaway

Her character on the “Vampire Diaries” has to be careful about getting too much sun, but Candice Accola looked delighted when spending her honeymoon in Belize in October. Accola married Joe King from the “The Fray,” and the couple later journeyed to a private, five-star resort at Cayo Espanto where they shared a few envy-inducing photos of their seaside paradise. Read More

Female Celebrities Proud of their Cosmetic Makeover

The buzz on cosmetic surgery among celebrities hogged the limelight once again when actress Renee Zellwegger came out in an event with a different look. In fact, many did not recognize the female star because her face was totally different from what her colleagues and movie fans would normally see when still very active in the movie scene.

Although she did not confirm having undergone cosmetic treatment, Zellwegger told People magazine she’s happy and comfortable with herself amid speculations of her new look during the 21st annual Elle Women in Hollywood Awards. The 45-year-old actress only confirmed that she’s “living a different, happy and more fulfilling life.”

Kudos, however, to female stars who are open about what they’ve enhanced in the different parts of their body. There are many of them and we share some of the famous women in showbiz who are proud of this. Read More

Celebrities We Can’t Help But Love

Being a celebrity can be a daunting task, even if your fans fall in love with your performances or personality. Whether your favorite celebrities play the bad guy in a box office hit or they’re lying on a bed hooked up to oxygen equipment, we get sucked in to the movies that they act in, because they add their own unique touch to the film. This begs the question of why we get attached to certain celebrities, but not to others. Do some actors have special traits that make them stand out from the rest, or are we drawn to fall in love with certain celebrities for other reasons? It is difficult to say why people are compelled to fall in love with certain actors and not others, but to better understand this question and its answer, perhaps we should take a closer look at some of the actors that ended up having long prosperous careers in film and television.

Morgan Freeman

morgan freeman

When people think of prosperous actors that they absolutely love, Morgan Freeman often comes to mind. From his role as Red in Stephen King’s acclaimed film, Shawshank Redemption to his talented acting in Along Came A Spider, Morgan Freeman has dazzled audiences far and wide with his matter of fact approach to acting genius. However, one thing that stands out more than other aspects of Freeman’s acting career is that he has a unique and memorable voice. The low story telling tones of Freeman’s voice is both soothing and inviting, adding an extra special twist to why people come to love his films. Read More

Soul Cycle

If you’ve never heard of Soul Cycle, there’s no doubt that you probably soon will. Soul cycle is the new cult fitness trend and hugely popular with celebrities, such as Charlize Theron, Lady Gaga and Kelly Ripa.


Already taking over Los Angeles, New York and hitting London very soon, why is Soul Cycle so popular?

Soul Cycle is basically indoor cycling. In 45 minutes, you’ll experience an intense group cycling exercise, alongside an instructor chanting encouragement. Soul Cycle aims participants to experience a full body workout, rather than focusing on particular areas.

Inside The Class

Soul Cycle is more than just an average spin class. As the workout begins, expect dimmed lights, lit candles and a music playlist blaring out beats to get you motivated. Cycling shoes need to be worn instead of regular sneakers to ensure your feet stay on the pedals at all times.

Soul Cycle focuses on muscle strengthening to tighten the abs and creates a full body exercise. Weights are also added to the workout to combine arm workouts with cycling.

The difference

The difference between Soul Cycle and regular cycling workouts is the aspect on the spiritual. A visit to the Soul Cycle website displays the message “riders can let loose, clear their heads and empower themselves with strength that lasts beyond the studio walls.”

Founded in 2006 by Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler, Soul Cycle now has 25 studios with around 8,000 riders every day, according to Forbes. One class is priced around $34 with multi-classes ranging around $600 for 20 sessions. That cost doesn’t include the rental price for shoes and water bottle charge.

Soul Cycle continues to be popular possibly due to its market. It’s aimed at young, trendy customers and those who are looking for a unique, dynamic experience. With Soul Cycle now expanding into merchandise, including tank tops and sweatshirts it would seem that Soul Cycle is here to stay for a while.