5 Best Celebrity Weddings of 2014

Everyone loves seeing the stars tie the knot. Celebrity weddings are often an incredible inspiration as they are celebrations with no monetary limitations. Nuptials performed between the brightest stars are often exercises in imagination and creativity and can be enjoyable for everyone to watch. The year 2014 saw some beautiful weddings, both with big names and big spenders. Included here are a few of the best weddings performed in 2014.

kanye and kim wedding

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

After welcoming the birth of their daughter, North West, in June of 2013, Kim and Kanye continued their romance and became engaged four months later. Their wedding in May of 2014 cost an estimated 14.7 million dollars. The wedding was held in Florence, Italy in the famed Belvedere Fort with many stars in attendance. Kim wore a Givenchy dress and clothed her baby, North, in the same for the ceremony.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

A self-proclaimed bachelor, Clooney relinquished the title in September of 2014 to his blushing bride Amal, a British human rights lawyer. The wedding took place in Venice, Italy, and the reception was held on boats along the Aman Canal Grande. Amal’s gown was one of the final designs created by the late Oscar De La Renta. The cost of the wedding was estimated to be around $13 million, but Clooney and Alamuddin donated all proceeds from the wedding photos to charity. Read More

Three Celebrities Who Advocate Organic Foods And Diets

There are many ways to advocate organic food, and to let people know why it can be important and beneficial to their health to consume organic foods. You can join groups that tell people the importance of this healthy food choice, and how it saves lives of both people and even the animals and insects that eat the foods while they are growing.

Many people don’t realize that the world is losing some species of insects, like honeybees, and it could have something to do with the pesticides that are being used on crops. Monarch butterflies are losing the main form of sustenance that feeds their caterpillars, milkweed, possibly due to herbicides and other chemicals used on non-organic crops.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Another bonus of eating organic is that it ensures you are getting the vitamins and minerals that food offers at its greatest potency. Even making the switch to grass-fed, organic beef is a great diet choice, because it is a far superior healthy option. Also look for organic foods that are grown locally for fresher options. Read More

Gomez Addams

6 Popular Movie Characters Who Love Cigars

With the warnings about lung cancer and COPD, many people have come to avoid the occasional cigar or cigarette. Unfortunately, many often ignore the relaxational benefits the occasional cigar has to offer. By engaging in this pastime infrequently, you can strike a healthy balance and look nearly as cool as these famous movie stars. Included here are a few movie stars who loved a good stoogie and looked incredibly cool while enjoying it.

Gomez Addams

The creepy Addams family was well-loved during its run on television with an incredibly catchy theme song. The head of this household, Gomez, was oft seen with cigar in hand enjoying the evening. Mr. Addams was well-known for his fabulous style and his incredible wealth. Known for spending well over $1,000 a month on this passion, it was obvious he did not take his cigars lightly! Read More

driving under influence

Recent DUI’s Straight From Hollywood

Hollywood scandals aren’t a rare and unusual creature to discover. They happen all the time. Let’s face it. Money, fame, and affluence seem to bring a certain lack of respect for the laws of the land. We should also be honest with ourselves, and just go ahead and admit that we love to watch the mighty fall. The Eagles said it well in their song, Dirty Laundry. So who is it this month? Here’s a quick low-down of what celebrities have been stirring up trouble in the last few weeks.

driving under influence

Actor John Stamos

Everyone’s Full House favorite, Uncle Jesse, got arrested in Beverly Hills last weekend after police say they received a barrage of phone calls from patrons complaining of an obviously drunk driver. After police pulled him over, and his identity was revealed, Stamos was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital due to a possible medical condition. Once the medical staff determined that he was, in fact, driving under the influence, Stamos was arrested and then released to the care of the hospital. John has since tweeted that he has been release and is home and well. Read More

#ArtLife: The Top Artists Whose Works Are Owned By Celebrities

For centuries, people have found pride in their ability to appreciate and collect rare pieces of art. And while works of art from centuries ago become more and more valuable as time goes on, more and more people are vying to get their hands on pieces done by famous artists either from modern times or from years and years ago.

With money to spend on high priced art, celebrities from all over the world are working on building up their art collections. Just last year, Cait Munro of ArtNet News came up with a list of the top ten new celebrity art collectors. But what artists are these celebs most drawn to? Which famous artists are most popular among the current rich and famous?

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali painting

According to Emily Exton at VH1, a number of hot celebrities are known for owning pieces from the famed artist Salvador Dali. Best known for his work in the Surrealist genre, you can find pieces created by Dali in the homes of celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio, Swizz Beatz and Madonna. While the exact pieces owned by each individual isn’t know, the fact that these stars gravitate toward Dali’s bizarre and striking works is telling about their particular tastes in art. Read More

Celebrities on Vacation: Top Five Coveted Destinations

Just like the rest of us, celebrities need a little rest and relaxation at times too. If you’re a pop culture connoisseur, then you know that the rich and famous are notorious for spending mass amounts of money vacationing on the most exotic beaches, partying in the best clubs, and dining on the tastiest food the area has to offer. You may not be able to afford the same amenities as the stars, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit these spots and build your own memories. Here is a brief synopsis on the top five coveted destinations celebrities frequent.

St-Tropez France

Saint-Tropez, France

Saint-Tropez, France offers miles of gorgeous beaches and breathtaking sunsets. Living there is surprisingly affordable, but visiting will bring plenty of excitement all on its own. Celebrities frequent the area, and it’s not far fetched to run into a few of them. Big names such as Jay-Z and Beyonce, David Beckham, and Keanu Reeves have been known to stop and have a chat while passing by. Relaxation is the key to this destination, so kick up your feet and soak in the rays. Read More

6 Favorite Celebrity Vacation Locales

Do you ever wonder where the stars go to relax? Wishing you could have the limitless funds and access to wherever they go for a break? Well, the good news is there are plenty of places you can go and live it up just like the stars do. Being a real person, you may have to do a bit more scrimping, saving and funding to be able to go, but it will all be worth it in the end! Included here are a few of the most popular vacation destinations for celebrities.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro Copacabana

An extravagant city by the sea, Rio de Janeiro is a hotbed of cultural life in Brazil. With natural resources, beaches and infrastructure expanding, it has become a growing city with a wealth of sunshine and nightlife. Many celebrities have graced the beaches of Ipanema, including Gerard Butler, Javier Bardem, Madonna and Penelope Cruz. Enjoy the country’s national beverage, caipirinha, as those celebrities were sure to do!

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Famous for it’s surfing and sailing from Coogee’s Clifftops to Harbor Bridge, Bondi Beach is a world renowned attraction for those with an adventurous heart. A vacation “down under” may be just what the doctor ordered; you have to love a place complete with koalas, kangaroos and scuba-diving. Many celebrities have retreated here including the famed Nicole Richie, Leonardo Dicaprio, Hugh Jackman and Paris Hilton. Read More

Five Tips To Look like a Celebrity in Pictures

We all love to look amazing! Many moments in our lives are influential to who we are as individuals. We document so much of our lives in pictures. Weddings, graduations, birthdays, and family reunions shape our memories and experiences in this world. What better than to capture those moments and immortalize them? With the array of photo editing programs at our fingertips, creating that perfect picture is easier than ever. Here are five tips to assist you in getting pictures so great, you would think they came from a stock gallery.

look like a celebrity

Be on eye level with your subject

Direct eye contact engages your subject. Being at eye level with a person will bring out the intimacy of genuine interaction. Those personal smiles and intimate gazes will be communicated in your photography when taken from a face to face perspective. Your subject doesn’t even need to look directly into the lens, the eye level angle will make your photo personal and inviting all by itself.

Use your flash outdoors

Most people assume that if they are in the sunshine that their photo will be well lit when exposed. The problem with that is shadows. When the angle of the light source is behind the subject, your subject can appear dark in the photo. You will want to use a fill flash option (if your camera offers that setting) in a sunny setting and a full flash option on a cloudy day to avoid creating dark shadows on your subject’s face. Read More

Five Famous Celebrities That Opted For Cremation

Cremation is one option for people when they leave this world. Instead of having their body buried, they have it cremated and possibly buried, or maybe displayed in a beautiful urn on a family members mantle.

urn for cremation

People have different reasons for decided to be cremated. Some of them want to have their ashes spread around somewhere important to them so they can feel as though their spirit may still exist in that place.

For whatever reason a person chooses cremation, here are some famous celebrities that decided this was the right option for their own body after death. Read More

Hollywood’s Most Fashionable Actresses

Sometimes it’s hard not to envy the looks of the rich and famous. You see your favorite stars on the red carpet, in movies and on the cover of your favorite magazines and you wish you had what they have. Their clothes are stylish, their hair and makeup is flawless and they seem to have life by the horns.

Everyone is guilty of it sometime in their life. Stars and celebrities are made to look great and desirable which is what gets you to buy magazine and pay for movie tickets. And each generation has their own most fashionable.

fashionable hollywood actresses

Here are a few of the most fashionable young actresses on the big screen this year. They are not just great at their chosen career but they’re also the stars that makes us dress the way we do. Read More