Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney

Most Anticipated Celebrity Weddings Coming in 2016

Celebrity weddings are something that the population practically dies for. The phenomenon is quite unexplainable, but some people get just as excited about a celebrity wedding as they do about their own wedding.

The reason could be that people like to live vicariously through celebrities. Women dream about their wedding days from early on in their lives, and there is nothing more a woman dreams of for her wedding than for everything to look perfect, for the gown to be princess-worthy, and for the flowers to look like they came from the Garden of Eden itself.

Celebrities have everything in their weddings that normal people only dream about. Not only are they ridiculously good looking, they spend tens of thousands of dollars make sure every detail is perfect and that every guest makes it to their destination wedding in Maui. It really sounds like heaven. If you like to live vicariously through celebrity weddings just as much as everyone else, you be interested to hear about the most anticipated famous weddings coming up in 2016.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney

Who knew that Lady Gaga had the desire to get married like any other human being. It’s kind of hard to equate her to being human sometimes, so maybe that’s the reason. Her eccentric style hasn’t stopped her from reigning in love, however.

Gaga and handsome Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney got hitched on Valentine’s Day of last year and are set to be married sometime this year. They’re quiet on the details, but the wedding’s still on. One can’t even imagine what the celebration will look like, but a Gaga-fied wedding sounds like a spectacle that can’t be missed.

Mariah Carey and Her Giant Ring

It’s always fun when crazy people get married. You know that they’ll spend copious amounts of money to put on an elaborate dream wedding, they’ll hopefully let it be leaked all over the press, and hopefully the marriage will last, but if it doesn’t, they’ll just do it again in a couple years.

Another wedding happening this year that people don’t want to miss is between Mariah Carey and James Packer, one of the richest men in Australia. The ring is bigger than most jewels found in the cave of wonders, but more power to the girl who has to wear that heavy rock on her hand all day, every day. If the ring is any sign of what the wedding will be like, the world is excited to see.

Congrats to the soon to be newlyweds. Here’s to hoping the marriages last, but really, everyone just wants to see the wild antics you incorporate into your big day, so don’t disappoint, celebrities. The world is counting on you to make our dreams come true.

celebrity mansion

Ways Celebrities Use Landscape Design to Maximize Their Privacy

With the amount of attention that celebrities get, it’s a pretty well known fact that a majority of them really like their privacy. Since they can’t get any privacy when they’re out and about either working or doing the normal everyday errands that any person does no matter their status, it’s easy to see why celebrities spend so much money and time making sure that their homes are the relaxing havens they need them to be, and that they offer the maximum amount of security possible.

The biggest factor in keeping a celebrity home safe from prying eyes lies in the landscaping. Curtains do the trick, but trees, shrubbery, and fences do the trick a whole lot better. Let’s take a look at the best uses of landscape design in celebrity homes. Read More

Perry Mason

Famous Lawyers Found on Hollywood’s Silver Screen

A lawyer is one of those careers that people suggest you get after because you’ll be certain to make good money, and you’ll always be in for a job. One such job that doesn’t have that security is an actor. The statistics that show how many actors actually find work is pretty grim to look at. It obviously depends on where the actor lives and what industry they’re acting in, but there are so many factors that decided whether or not an actor will land a job.

Often it has little to do with their actual talent level and is heavily based on who the actor knows or what they look like, and if they physically fit the characteristics defined by the casting agents and producers of television and film. With this being said, it’s often a case of look luck, persistence and or connections that get the big time actors in Hollywood where they are. Read More

Celebrities Who Died of a Drug Overdose

There has been no shortage of celebrities who have died from a drug overdose. The reality is very sad and who really knows for sure why it happens the way that it does. It could be due to the tough life that celebrities live. Although they have fame and all the money in the world, the pressure to perform can be overwhelming.

It’s also probably very difficult to live a life of stardom that means that you can’t go anywhere without being recognized or bothered, and you’re limited in your ability to be free to do what you want like a normal human being. Everything has to be done in secret or with bodyguards, and the times that celebrities don’t spend working or on the road is spent getting the much needed rest and privacy they receive from their private, secluded villas. Read More


5 Celebrities Who Have Dealt With Alcoholism

It’s a strange dichotomy in the world that alcohol is the cause of so much celebration, and is so closely associated with fun, luxury, and power, but also have such intense associations with bad things like underage drinking, drinking and driving, and alcoholism in every segment of society.

And because celebrities are in the limelight anyway, when they have a battle with dark side of alcohol, it becomes a mainstream interest. To illustrate this point, consider the following five celebrities who have dealt with alcoholism, including Michael J. Fox, Russell Brand, Johnny Depp, Kristen Davis, and Alec Baldwin. Read More


How to Have Skin Like a Celebrity

There is little that celebrities lack in the beauty department. Though many are naturally beautiful, it is helpful to have endless resources that allow one to look young, tight, and glowing even into years significantly passed the days of youth.

Though many think that the celebrity secret to youth includes many visits to the plastic surgeon’s office, there are actually many habits that celebrities have that keep them looking young, and their skin looking baby-fresh that can be obtained by anybody. All it takes is a little knowledge and discipline and you can have the skin of an age-defying celebrity. Read More

North West birthday party

6 Famous Celebrity Baby Birthday Celebrations

Celebrities certainly know how to live the high life. They indulge in ostentatious autos, soaring square footage and ridiculously luxurious brand-name bling. When it comes to their offspring, it is understandable that they spare no expense. Celebrity babies have become stars in their own right, just by growing up in the limelight. Included here are a few of the most famous celebrity baby celebrations.

North West

This celebrity baby has been directed to the spotlight ever since birth to parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. It is no surprise baby Nori’s first birthday took on an extravagant angle, even utilizing its own hashtag #kidchella. Trying to replicate the Coachella theme, the party included a ferris wheel, themed stages, bounce house and rainbow cake. The party was tastefully catered and North experienced the kind of birthday a one-year-old could only dream of remembering, literally. Read More

Lady GaGa Belair home

6 Celebrities Who Have Spent Exorbitant Amounts on Things for Their Homes

Watching celebrities flounder in wealth can provide endless entertainment and frustration for the masses. While you may be struggling to make a modest rent payment this month, Drake is dropping $50,000 a night on strippers. The next time you hear a celebrity try to argue that they are “just like you,” this list of their exorbitant “home goods” purchases may come to mind. Included here are a few celebrities who have gone a little overboard outfitting their homes.

Lady Gaga

Evidently Gaga has a bit of a fish fetish and enjoys having a vibrant aquarium inside her home. Recently dropping $60,000 to purchase 27 koi carp, Gaga had them imported directly from Japan. While Gaga may have been “born that way,” her spending habits have definitely had to develop with her income. Read More


Hollywood Stars Caught for Scandalous Crime

As is the reality in the game of Clue, anybody can be a murderer. Sometimes it’s a guessing game up until the very end. You may not be sure who did it, how they achieved their scandalous act, what their weapon of choice was, or what room they prefered the bloodshed to take place in, but the crime did happen, and somebody has to pay the price.

Clue teaches you that you could be in the company of crazed serial killer at any time and just because they’re beautiful like Miss Scarlet, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of committing a heinous crime. Read More


7 Famous Pets and Their Celebrities

Everyone knows that coming home to your loyal canine best friend is a great way to end the day. Dogs and cats are both ideally suited for cuddling, playing and staving off emotional illnesses like anxiety and depression. To prove they are a bit like us, the stars have taken to showing off their furry best friends in the public eye. These famous critters may not have exceptional show talent, but they have certainly become beloved alongside their humans. Included here are a few of the most famous pets in America, (and their celebrities). Read More